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ERP & CRM Services

Businesses today are being influenced to adopt robust ERP practices so as to streamline communications between multiple business applications. We have been passionate about delivering ERP solutions to most of its close clients. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relation Management (CRM) sound alike though there are some noteworthy differences. ERP is designed to improve the productivity in businesses, whereas CRM is all about managing customers. 

Many businesses have had forgetful stints of ERP due to lack of proper planning and execution. The outcomes in such cases are prolonged implementation, scope creep, costs crossing the estimated budgets and failing to deliver the expected solutions for the businesses. Xelit carried out a thorough study on many such failed cases and came up with impressive approaches that can guarantee successful ERP implementations.

Our approach:

  • Collaborating with experienced partners
  • Aiming at realistic goals
  • Adopting flexible solutions
  • Performing audits to learn the strengths and weaknesses
  • Setting up experienced teams

Adoption of Customer relationship management (CRM) systems has become a regular phenomenon across various industries for the past many years. It is meaningful to adopt CRM as improvising the processes of meeting and surpassing customer expectations is an ideal way to strengthen our bond with customers. The implementation of CRM systems is very critical and tricky at times because many companies failed to reap the results they desired due to their hasty goals and ill planned strategies.

We researched and realized that the success in CRM can be achieved by acquiring smart resources, better project management, understanding customer expectations and their business approach, continuous engagements with clients, effective communication, vendor management, and regular demonstrations to convey the CRM processes & procedures and time management. Constant communication with the Customer is the key to your success in CRM.